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Movement is the best medicine and pre-requisite for a healthy life. Moving on two legs while walking or running is the most natural way to keep active. No matter what age or what level of performance you are at, the 900 series «kybun» from WALKOLUTION, is your ideal lifelong companion for a physically active and dynamic lifestyle.

Walking and running like on a forest floor

The worldwide unique treadmill surface with elastic-springy slats and wooden substructure was produced in close cooperation with the Swiss market leader for orthopaedic shoes and physiotherapy kybun after more than two years of research and development.

The responsive, featuring a ‘buffer zone’ of the kybun material allows the foot to sink into different depths from slat to slat on impact. This ensures maximum spring back and a sustained gentle changing load. You walk or run as if you are on the soft forest ground. The patented special construction, which is also used in the world-famous kybun standing mats, has been tested and certified by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics.

The rebound effect promotes reciprocated muscle tension and relaxation. This optimises the training effect for the leg, foot, back and core body muscles while enhancing balance and coordination. Anyone who is on the move a lot every day or suffers from degenerative joint diseases will find a most desirable solution in the WALKOLUTION treadmill. It protects your joints and trains your fine motor skills, while you improve your performance with every application.

Dimensions and data treadmill:

  • Running surface 146 × 44 cm
  • Max. user weight 160 kg
  • Width treadmill 60 cm
  • Weight 90 kg, with backrest and handrail 99 kg

Dimensions and data of table top (integrated):

  • Width 75 cm or 110 cm
  • Depth 66 cm (depth adjustable)
  • Height frame available in S, M, L, XL

Dimensions and data of freestanding table:

  • Width 120 cm or 180 cm
  • Depth 80 cm
  • Adjustment range height 100 cm to 150 cm (manually by quick crank)

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